Andy Reimer Mediation

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Should you be interested in engaging Mr. Reimer to serve as a mediator in your dispute, please contact him either by filling out the Contact Form below or by calling his phone number listed on at the bottom of this page.


Mediations can take place at a place of business provided by the disputants. If such a location is not available, Mr. Reimer will work with both parties to arrange for a location that will serve the needs of all participants.

In advance of the Mediation:

Mr. Reimer will speak with both parties prior to the mediation to understand the issues in dispute and the primary points of contention that are outstanding with respect to resolving the matter. 

Briefs describing your case and the arguments being put forth are not required but they are welcome. Please limit any briefs to a 10 page maximum.


Mr. Reimer’s time is charged at an hourly rate of $400.00/hour. There are no charges for preparatory and administrative time and reasonable follow up time subsequent to the mediation.

All fees are due not later than 10 business days in advance of the date of the mediation.


Use the below form and phone number to discuss matters regarding your dispute, including scheduling options or to ask questions pertaining to working with Mr. Reimer.