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Mediation – A confidential process in which a trained mediator facilitates communication between disputants and assists parties in reaching a mutually acceptable resolution of all or part of their dispute.

When a disagreement escalates to the level of litigation, sensible mediation – a process that is both less costly and less time-consuming than either protracted litigation or arbitration – is often the best option for both parties. Intuition, receptiveness, and honed communication skills are necessary to bridge divides and divisions. As an experienced neutral, Andy Reimer brings parties together to a fuller understanding of the facts and the perspectives from both sides of the dispute that may not be fully realized and appreciated, and the benefits to be accomplished by a collective mindset of compromise and resolution.

Andy Reimer Mediation – Areas of Practice:

Andy Reimer has over 30 years of experience as a production, acquisition and distribution executive in the motion picture and television industries  His background includes work for some of the most prominent entertainment companies in the field. Mr. Reimer participated in and successfully negotiated agreements for thousands of movies, television programs and other entertainment properties in his career. This perspective gives Mr. Reimer a unique ability to appreciate entertainment industry disputes with a familiarity uncommon amongst many mediators. 

 Mr. Reimer offers:

  • Broad understanding of the entertainment legal landscape including deal structures, business practices and financial and creative objectives that are the underpinning of the industry’s agreements.
  • Patience, with a thorough approach to his practice.
  • Methodical and detailed analysis and explanations.
  • A premium on making sure that all parties are heard and that their perspectives are given full and fair consideration.
  • Success with a long track record of reaching agreement in challenging and difficult circumstances.

Other Arenas of Practice and Experience 

Beyond the world of entertainment and media, Mr. Reimer has successfully mediated disputes in a variety of other arenas including Consumer/Merchant matters, Business to Business disputes, Personal Injury matters, Neighbor to Neighbor disputes, Tenant-Landlord disputes (including Unlawful Detainer actions), Family disputes,  Auto Accidents, and Attorney-Client Fee Disputes.